A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

I have a crush on my neighbor.

He's invited me over.

Is this the real life?

Or just gay fantasy?



  • Cute gays
  • Delicious food
  • Meaningless choices
  • So many emotions

This is the SEQUEL to my first visual novel, Yoga Bear.
I recommend starting with the first game - it's very short, and completely free!

I am working on an Android-friendly web release.

⚠️The game contains mature language, anxiety, nightmares and occasional loud noises. 

❤️ Comments are appreciated and Let's Plays are welcome!❤️

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(104 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsCute, Furry, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Romance, Short, Slice Of Life, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button


BearCare-1.00-pc.zip 145 MB
BearCare-1.00-mac.zip 110 MB

Development log


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If you could port this to mobile, that would be amazing


At first I thought it would be a fairy tale, but when I read all of it, I found it so realistic and resonated with me.I've been feeling down in my life lately.I think even though it is difficult for me to improve my situation at present, I should be brave enough to accept myself and face the reality instead of continuing to escape and lose heart.

I'm not very good at English. In a word, thank you very much for the creation of this work, which brings me some encouragement and inspiration

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that you found my story helpful! 


I really regret reading this second part and I hate how much more realistic it is than just the happy ending from the first vn. Seeing how delusional this poor deer is just hurt and the akwardness was painful. 10/10 story, brought out emotion one way or another


It's depressing to see how obsessive the deer is,  obsessive to the point of believe that a man he barely saw and met yesterday was going to be his boyfriend.  Reading this made me so confused on why couldn't the deer see how overly obsessed he was and how it wouldn't be that simple. But with the more I think about it, the more I understand. He obviously has never been in a relationship before and clearly doesn't know how they work. I will be honest, I hated the character at first because I was so confused on how he could even think like this, but I realized the reason is because I never have felt this obsession for a person before. I never have because for me love is something that grows, not pops up in the strand of a couple of days. You don't need to be obsessed with a person to love them, all you need is to know that they love you in the same way and always will. I apologize for the rant.


Hi!Thanks for the comment and no need to apologize! I think this is a good place for having these kinds of conversations.

 According to most recent research, there are actually multiple kinds of love! The kind of love Deer is experiencing is different from the type of love you are describing. Deer's type involves dopamine and norepinephrine and is characterized by reduced activity in the brain areas involved in critical thinking. The second type of love involves oxytocin and vasopressin and has no impact on critical thinking abilities.

In this story I wanted to talk about what's it like to experience the dopamine-fueled version of love for the first time: trying to navigate a complicated new situation while your brain is effectively being drugged.


I agree, the obsessiveness and selfishness of the Deer character made me wildly uncomfortable. The bear just had his day essentially shot, and has been living under excessive stress, guilt, and loathing, and yet the Deer prioritized his immediate irritation and sadness over giving a shit about someone he was just saying he loved moments earlier. I like the message at the end, with taking off the rose tinted glasses, but it doesn't overrule the discomfort throughout the rest of the game. I'm sorry about this drawn out complaining, but on the bright side, at least the game is causing an effect in it's players.


I love this disaster of a deer. 

Great game! Lots of feelings!

I just have one question though - how were backgrounds made? They look... interesting.

Hi! I'm glad you like the game!

I modeled most of the backgrounds as 3D models and then painted over them in Photoshop.


Have to say, it's a fantastic wee little game! God, it reminds me of my early relationships (I couldn't stop cringing), and having recently gotten out of one gives me these weird feelings similar to the Bears. Nice to see something different, at least! I like the ending scene and the art =).

I hope in the future, you can share more of your experiences and emotions you felt in the past or even present. I wish more VNs had relatable characters in them. I think it helps others out better rather than using gay fiction (i.e. VNs) as a form of escapism or self-help.


Thank you so much! 💜


Well done. That was a very sweet read.

I'm fucking old now, 55, and it's been very enlightening to be reminded of early coming out fears and the emotions of, well feeling...

I came out accidentally at 11 and  intentionally at 15 (1983) and it was a bloodbath.....

Anyway, it did get better, and i AM happier.



Thank you so much!

And thank you for sharing your story! I'm happy to hear that things worked out for you!



I read the whole thing and I cried, for like 4 minutes lol, I've been waiting since feburary and it was all worth it! I need to ask though, are we having another sequel?

I'm glad to hear it was worth the wait! ^^

I don't have plans for a sequel right now. I think I'm going to focus on other characters and stories for a while. But if I come up with a deer shaped idea, it might turn into a sequel.


Wow I uh. I think I sorta suspected where it might go but I played through. It’s…real, it’s very real. Real enough to remind me of my early forays and how blisteringly much it hurt to feel, well, used. It took me a while to figure out I can’t do casual hookups and they always blew up into usually one-sided emotional involvement. To the point I sorta consider myself kinda aspec, I just can’t operate in that territory. 

I wish I’d been able to put myself back together the way Dear Deer did, if he is back together that is. 

And I mean this is all aside from it generally being adorable and well put together. It’s just, yow, a megaphone of emotions. 


Thank you so much!

Bear Care is a work of fiction, but the emotions within it are very much based on my own early experiences with queer dating.

People kept asking me for a sequel to Yoga Bear. I told them I didn't want to write one. It's a fairy tale, I thought. You're not supposed to find out what happens after the lovers ride off to the sunset together.

But then I thought about it some more. What if it wasn't a fairy tale?

The truth is that I haven't read very many MLM stories that resonate with me on a personal level. Most of them either straight up ignore or eagerly embrace the gay hookup culture, and while there's absolutely nothing wrong with either approach, they are not something I can relate to.

So I decided to write something I could relate to. I wrote Bear Care.


Congratulations! So excited to read the whole thing!

Thank you! I hope you like it!


Glad to see this cute gay panic story come to its conclusion. I enjoyed reading it and I gotta say I really like your art style.

Aw, thank you!

the horse kinda reminded me of the fanboy from perfect blue XD

(2 edits)

Dw, the horse is a nice boy, just a little awkward. ^^


just wanna say i remember that "i know that he loves me" by autoheart was one of the songs you used as inspiration and right out the bat it shows.


I check this page almost daily to see if the final update is out yet. But no pressure though, I'm sure making a game is complicated.


Hi! Thank you for your patience and understanding! I have been making slow progress on the final update and it's currently about 70% complete. I can't give an exact release date for it, but I know for sure I won't have the time to finish it this month. I hope this helps!


it actually does help, very much! now i can put away the urge to check this page so often. I CAN RELAX!!!(for a couple months at least)

See ya next year then *wave*

1.0 is out!  ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

Woah, I missed it! I was going to check in again in January. I just clicked on this tab by accident & just happened to see that it's updated, downloading now!


great game, just played both, and i hope the protagonist(sorry i don´t remenber his name) gets a reality check and grows from it. he needs it


i kinda feel bad for the both of them, and with how the end goes, i can't do anything else but expect the worst ;-;

i can't wait for the next update if there'll be any, i really like the artstyle and the atmosphere of the game !

Can you make an android version pleasee😭💅


Hi! I’m planning to add mobile support, but I want to finish the next (and final) update first. I have to travel a lot so I haven’t been able to spend much time on making games. 


Could I make an edition with Chinese language patch to Bear Care?I wanna share the lovely story  with furrys in China.If you agree and want to talk about it,may I have your any social media account or contact details?Or I can just make one attached with author and original address of the game when I share the game

Thank you for your kind words! You are welcome to make a fan translation of Bear Care as long as you credit me as the original author. ^^


Thank you for your permission!!


The content of Yoga Bear really actractsed me.And I enjoyed the interesting content of Bear Care too!Thank you for making the visual novels we love!


I'm so happy you continued this story as I loved Yoga Bear, and became so invested into characters along with the story. I really enjoyed this game too. I can't wait to see where it goes next. The art is beautiful as ever! Fantastic job!


Hi! Thank you so much for playing! I'm really happy you're enjoying the sequel, too! ^^  


This is the best visual novel I've ever seen, and the ending shocked the hell out of me. as soon as i saw the "to be continued" i was almost about to cry because of that last frame.

This is just beautiful if had to rate this 1-10. I would give this 100/10.

btw Take your time this is art at its finest. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this! keep up the good work! (^v^) 

Thank you!! That's such high praise! <3

Deleted post

Aa, thank you again! ^^ I'm so happy you enjoyed the sequel, too! <3


wow this is such a great story and I have never seen a visual novel that played with my emotions this much it's just amazing

Thank you so much!


I just had my heart crushed by the last frame.

on another note, the mc is waaaay delusional. The bear did say he was up for fun and not for any comitment sort of things


He'll be a lot less delusional once I finish the next update! ;3


well its goes without saying i guess. Still, damn that was rough. 

I guess echo wasn't enough. this one really felt like icy needles stabing my spine


Ouch! The first was a really nice meet-cute but dang, this hurt. I've been on both ends of similar kinds of feelings and wow. That's rough. Looking forward to seeing how things pan out for him!


Thank you! I've certainly been both Bear and Deer in a situation like this myself. ^^'

Hey, may I ask for an Android build, so I can play too? ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi! Mobile support is in the plans, but won't be available for a while, sorry about that! PC and Mac builds can be created with the press of one button,
but mobile support requires extra steps.
I will also try to optimize the build a little better for mobile, so this will take additional time. 

(1 edit)

Thank you for the reply, I wouldn't mind playing on PC, the problem are my parents, even if I'm 22, I prefer to read alone. ^^ If you creating your vn with Ren'py, then maybe I can give you a helping hand about how to make an android build, because I was struggling with it a lot. :s (Luckily, I got proper help in other dc servers)

Though I can't guarantee, because everybody's pc is different, for an example mine is in a horrible condition, so I spent days to figure it out what stuff I need to have, like java or dunno. :D So for 1 word's end with 100, android build is a tricky one, but once you figured it out, it will be easy next time.

So if you need help with it, just ask for my discord, maybe I will be useful for once in my life. 


Hi again! It's more of a time & energy issue than a knowledge issue.

When it comes to Bear Care, my number one priority is finishing the story. The VN was originally intended to be playable in a single session. I only released the incomplete demo because I ran into the jam deadline. I think you will have a much nicer time playing the completed version. ^^


Yeah, that's kinda right. :D Thanks for the reply. :D


Someone hasn't toyed with my emotions like this since my ex! Nice work!

Thank you! It's about to get even more emotional! ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

Yaaaay ! a new update ! I just read the rest of it  and i can't wait for more ! It feels nice seeing the bear smile again :)

Aww, thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it!


It's really cool, I love the story UwU


Thank you so much!

Android ver?

I'm currently focusing my energy on finishing the game. I'll work on an Android-compatible version after the full game is complete. :) 

Wait, so you mean like, no more updates full? Ending story full? 

Yeah, I will complete the desktop version 100% first.  :) It's a lot of work to make a video game on your own, so I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible. This isn't a very long story, though, so hopefully it should all be playable on both desktop and mobile before summer. 


duude this final, i must say it caused fellings, not spoiling thoo

The feelings have just begun. :3


very very cute. I have to say the main character reflects many stereotypes of guys a bit anxious that sometimes go too fast with their minds and they generally are puppies to take care of. the idea is good and I guess there is behind the personal experience, the fact that he draws and you too, as for the phone... see if he answers.. every two minutes, I imagine you check our comments to see if it liked, for many people this is considered anxiety.. for me it is also a search for confirmations, having a sensitive soul and much more. I like it... a very personal work.. You’re exposing yourself, I think, and I fucking love it. You got balls! you have all my respect continues so

"every two minutes, I imagine you check our comments to see if it liked"

(thanks for the comment for real though!! <3)


oh I hope you didn’t take it wrong, I think you check the comments etc. It’s just that you’re putting so much into this project and it makes me see you as more altruistic and sensitive, nothing more than nothing less <3

Oh, no worries! I was just joking around since I happened to be checking itchio just when you posted and it was a funny coincidence. ;D Thank you for the kind words!!

Update soon?

Yes, now! ;D


This is so good! Can't wait for another update

Thank you!

it would be better if you show how mc and bear interact in first person perspective rather than mc recalling it (*^_^*)

Don't worry! You get to interact with the bear in first person before the story is over!



Makeup runs are the best runs.
We are looking forward to the update :D

Great Job. Keep it up. Proud of you ~

Deleted 2 years ago

There won't be any explicit content. I intend to keep the game safe for streaming :)


even so this game is very cute

so wait they went from strangers to boyfriends? (i played the sequel but it just stopped at the intercom) so im like confused to what happened


The story is told out of chronological order. The flashback that explains what happens between the end of Yoga Bear and start of Bear Care starts when the harp sound plays and the background changes to abstract clouds. The next update will see the entire flashback completed. Hope that clears things up a little!

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