A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The hot guy next door has invited me over!?

But I have no idea what he wants!

Is this the start of a beautiful relationship or will my anxiety get the better of me?

This is the first half of the sequel to my first visual novel, Yoga Bear.

Bear Care can be enjoyed without playing Yoga Bear first, but I recommend starting with the first game - it's very short, and completely free!

Due to issues with scheduling, I wasn't able to finish the full novel before the jam deadline, so I'm releasing it in multiple parts. The next part will be released in Fall 2021. The Android-friendly web release will be done once the full game is completed.

The project contains mature language and anxiety. 

Comments are appreciated and Let's Plays are welcome!


BearCare-0.5-mac.zip 49 MB
BearCare-0.5-pc.zip 84 MB


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This is so good! Can't wait for another update

Thank you!

it would be better if you show how mc and bear interact in first person perspective rather than mc recalling it (*^_^*)

Don't worry! You get to interact with the bear in first person before the story is over!



Makeup runs are the best runs.
We are looking forward to the update :D

Great Job. Keep it up. Proud of you ~


will this game have spicy scenes?😳

There won't be any explicit content. I intend to keep the game safe for streaming :)


even so this game is very cute

so wait they went from strangers to boyfriends? (i played the sequel but it just stopped at the intercom) so im like confused to what happened


The story is told out of chronological order. The flashback that explains what happens between the end of Yoga Bear and start of Bear Care starts when the harp sound plays and the background changes to abstract clouds. The next update will see the entire flashback completed. Hope that clears things up a little!


is this going to be a small vn or one of those bigger  vns? :3

It'll be relatively short (around 6000 words) :D


when will it launch for Android?

I don't have an exact timeline, sorry! I plan to finish the full desktop version first (before January) and then I'll start working on the mobile ports. It will probably take at least a month or so, since the custom user interface doesn't play nice with mobile, and all the assets need to be re-optimized, etc.

That said, it should be done somewhere between November and March.


Can't wait to play this masterpiece on my phone :)


The sprites are just so damn expressive they're my favorite part of this. Also this poor deer is getting way ahead of himself in ways I think we can all relate to.


Thank you! There will be plenty more sprites before this ride is over. :D


Really looking forward to the second part of this gay-panic deer’s morning emotional rollercoaster, so far it’s been a really enjoyable read! Great work!!


Ahh, thank you! I didn't originally plan to release the story in two halves, so I was really worried if the first 2000 words (it's over 6000 words in full) would be a satisfying read at all ;'D